All Teeth in One Day

Tooth affects over thirty-five million adults in the United States.  Tooth loss in both the upper and lower arch is most common in those who are aging, as the teeth and bones in the jaw can deteriorate over time.  Dental advancements have produced a great solution to the problem of tooth loss.

The All Teeth in One Day system saves you from having an implant performed on every single missing tooth. Instead, four to six implants are placed on the upper or lower arch and can replace all the teeth in each half of the mouth. The titanium implants fuse with your existing jawbone, and you will get your teeth the same day. Dr. Amir Khatami has been providing All Teeth in One Day to over four thousand patients in the last fifteen years. He will work with you to plan your treatment together. Please call us at First Impressions Dental to schedule your consultation. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful new smiles for many who would not expect to smile like themselves again.