Dentist-Provided Teeth Whitening

One of the easiest ways to look younger is to get teeth whitening in San Diego. This is because people unconsciously associate the color of teeth with age. Usually, it’s a fairly decent correlation; years of coffee drinking, soda drinking, smoking, and other such activities add dark stains to the teeth. Therefore, when the teeth are white, people assume that they haven’t had as much time to collect stains.

What Makes Dentist Teeth Whitening Different?

Over the last several years, many teeth whitening products have appeared on grocery store shelves. While some can be said to lighten the teeth, they take forever to work and often don’t produce even results. Dentist-provided whitening, on the other hand, works much faster and has a delivery system that ensures that the teeth end up white all over. This is far more preferable since people want good results, and they want them fast.

Where is Dentist-Provided Whitening Done?

There are two main systems that are used. One is done in the office, while the other is done at home. The in-office version can take a few hours, during which the patient sits with his or her teeth bathed in bleaching solution. Some newer in-office methods also make use of ultraviolet light. These systems work a bit faster since the light speeds up the needed chemical reactions.

Methods that are done at home still involve a solution and a tray to keep that solution on the teeth. The tray is custom-made to fit, so there’s no need for the patient to fuss with trying to mold one. The solution used for this system is stronger than the ones approved to be sold over the counter, so it will work much faster than grocery-store versions. Many patients prefer these dentist-provided in-home systems because they let people avoid sitting in the office while the solutions work.

After Whitening

Just after teeth are professionally whitened, they may be sensitive. This effect goes away after a few days. In the meantime, patients should pamper their teeth by avoiding stressors such as extremely hot or cold foods and drinks. The dentist will advise the patient about any temporary changes that need to be made for brushing technique.

After a few days, the teeth will return to their normal sensitivity levels and the enamel will have regained its proper hardness. Then, oral habits can return to normal and the patient can fully enjoy the new, younger look of the whitened teeth.

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