Smile Again with Cosmetic Dentistry!

The teeth are one of the most prominent parts of the face, yet many people never fully enjoy smiling and showing them off. Instead, they worry about discoloration, crooked smiles, jagged teeth and gaps between the teeth. This causes them to keep their mouths shut even when they would like to laugh openly.

Luckily, these problems don’t have to be permanent. Thanks to the availability of cosmetic dentistry in San Diego, they can all be fixed. Then, it’ll be a pleasure to show off a big toothy grin. Here are some of the top treatments for common cosmetic dental problems:

Teeth Whitening

This is the king of cosmetic dentistry for good reason. Almost everyone gets darker teeth with age. A visit to the dentist for some cosmetic bleaching will take care of the problem and make the teeth look as white as those of a 20-year-old. It only takes one or two treatments with dentist-strength solution to get the job done.

Teeth Straightening and Gap Removal

Large gaps between teeth and crooked teeth are both issues that can draw the wrong kind of attention to a smile. Now, adults don’t have to go through wearing metal braces to fix these problems. Invisalign and other “invisible” alignment-correction systems will bring the teeth into their most attractive positions in a much more comfortable way.

Repair of Broken Teeth

Teeth that have been broken off are shorter than their neighbors and are often jagged as well. Even though the cause of this damage is usually accidental, it can lead others to assume that the bearer was in a fight. It’s also an unattractive look.

Getting these teeth crowned will take care of the cosmetic issues, but that’s not the only benefit. Crowns restore broken teeth to their full size and increase their strength, so chewing and biting abilities are improved. The crowns will also keep decay from getting into the edges of the teeth that are no longer protected by natural enamel.

For minor breaks, which are common to the two front teeth, other methods may be used instead. These methods don’t strengthen the teeth, but instead involve permanently attaching a veneer or other covering. Such alternatives are fine when a purely cosmetic change is all that is needed, but crowns should be used to fix important structural defects in the tooth.

With these options, almost everyone can regain a beautiful smile. Talk to a dentist today for specifics.

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