Why Sugar is Bad For Your Teeth

Over time, the sugar that you consume through drinking liquids and eating food causes tooth decay. This occurs when the sugar erodes the enamel on your teeth. As the erosion deepens, cavities occur. Once you understand how sugar does this kind of damage to your teeth you will likely pay closer attention to the sugar you consume and what you can do to prevent teeth damage. In the event that teeth damage does occur, a treatment such as cosmetic dentistry in San Diego may be possible to help bring back your beautiful smile.

Sugary Food and Drinks are the Primary Cause

You should pay attention to the food and drinks you consume that are not sugary products per say, such as fruit juices, fresh fruits, potatoes, pastas, and breads. While these are good for the body, they are bad for the teeth if teeth are not at least rinsed after every meal and snack. If you do not take this cleansing step seriously, the foods particle adhere to the teeth, giving sugar a chance to react to the acid in your mouth and eat away the enamel a little bit at a time. Take time after each meal to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.

Sodas are Especially Dangerous

If you drink even a small amount of soda, it is bad for your teeth. Sodas are not only loaded with sugar, but they are carbonated. That combination of sugar and carbonation tends to speed up the acid processes taking place in your mouth. Opt for sodas that have natural sugar substitutes or no sugar at all. In place of soda, choose water. If that is too plain for your tastes, add a squeeze of lemon.

Well-Balanced Meals Help Keep Teeth Healthy

Never avoid foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, as these foods are excellent for your body. Just be aware of how to take care of your teeth and mouth after you eat these wholesome foods. Do not forget that a well-balanced diet is what you need to stay healthy in general and to keep your teeth healthy. When you make sure you are getting a wide variety of vitamins, you can help ensure that your teeth have the best chance of protection.

Granted, the erosion caused by sugar consumption does not happen overnight. But over time, with incorrect oral health care and poor eating and drinking habits, damage to the enamel and teeth will occur and cavities will form. Loosing teeth enamel is irreversible. If you take care to avoid sugar in your diet, you can also avoid losing your tooth enamel and leaving your teeth susceptible to cavities. If you feel that your teeth don’t look as good as they could, consider contacting a dentist about cosmetic dentistry in San Diego.

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